The USA Threat To The International Criminal Court

The USA dismissed Abu Ghraib and most of the myriad war crimes committed by its troops as acts by "a few bad  apples". That the real bad apples were in charge of the US war effort and inspired from above led to Bush and his gang getting legislation passed to force the US military to protect the big American bad apples from war crimes tribunals.
As I report today in the Examiner, Human Rights Watch has released a new study reviewing the effectiveness of the International Criminal Court in detaining and prosecuting war criminals and other perpetrators of crimes against humanity.

Buried inside the report is a veiled critique of the USA's ongoing efforts to thwart the ability of the court to hold American citizens accountable for a litany of alleged acts, many of which have been committed in the ongoing Terror Wars.

George Bush even went so far as to obtain authorization from Congress to militarily intervene against any nation that successfully detained and held for extradition any American charged under the 2002 Rome Statute.

Thus the reluctance of the ICC to bring charges against Bush and his gang since they left office. In addition to the extraordinary amount of humanity a government would need to possess to send the American perpetrators to face justice in The Hague, its leaders would need to possess a rare courage to face up to American military threats if they did the right thing.