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Rhapsodies of the Bizarre, a real Da-Vinci-code story.
My books.

It may seem curious to have in addition to the topic of politics, the subject of Tarot cards as an interest, and a focus of my research. But, let us say, that Tarot (and especially the community of Tarot) is a microcosm of the same intellectual and emotional dynamics one encounters in studying and reporting about modern politics.

Much of Tarot and much of modern politics are divided between a majority camp which seeks to find the true faith, and the skeptical camp (in Tarot that is a decidedly minority party) that seeks to find truth (of any sort) buried beneath piles of mangled myths, prejudice and presumptuous nonsense.

The Tarot story is a good historical yarn, and has as well a good or anyway silly (i.e., all too human) modern angle to relate. My book, Rhapsodies of the Bizarre, tells Tarot's origin story, which is to say it gives you the blueprint for the modern houses of cards that are Tarot. It is in one respect a very skeptical book, but not one aimed at pulling the rug out from under fortunetellers. Rather, while the facts speak for themselves on that count, I critique a certain academic (slumming in esoteric studies), who sloppily attacked the cartomanciers and their beliefs for what are basically reasons of his own religious bigotry.

The political story, which you can read in the ebook version of the collected articles from the first edition of the Guillotine blog, has many more political camps to ridicule and of course the perpetrations of the various ideologies of politics are much less entertaining (unless you are hopelessly cynical), and are much more harrowing for its countless victims.