I Smell Bacon

Admit it—you LOVE bacon! You desperately need that bacon briefcase, don't you? You wouldn't want America to stand for anything else, would you? BACON=$$$$$
Wall Street protester chant (among others): "I SMELL BACON!"

Yeah, the smell of bacon has been thick down in Wall Street, both inside, where the greedy porkers stuff themselves ever fatter with the Republican-enabled-profits meant to idealize the "American Dream", and outside, where the capitalist hired thugs, the New York Police Department, rough up American kids protesting the disastrous, hi-fat and low-intelligence Western diet.

America was once big enough to stand for a lot of other things than greed and killing poor people, but increasingly the veneer of something civilized has been stripped off the truth of what America is really all about—a giant labor camp to feed and otherwise service the fat disgusting swine of rich creeps who run the USA.

When the leading edge of decent American kids stood up and said to the Wall Streeters "Our streets!" and "Shame!" when the police tried to corral them like they were farm animals ready to be slaughtered (some more), the kids broke free and stood up and said "FUCK YOU!" to the pigs. Actually, they were way politer than that, as today's kids are wont to be, which is peculiar when you think about it, since politeness isn't what they're used to dishing out to each other.

This protester taunted the cops with a symbol of the problem, and a repeated question: "Is this what you're about?". A few seconds later he was down on the street, with a pig's knee in his throat. Free speech that matters isn't free from consequences, and that is all the more reason to employ it in the face of tyranny.
But, we have to recall the world these children have grown up in, the world where hooded, well-armed dragons—both terrorists AND the police—roam the landscape looking for somebody appearing or sounding impolite or impolitic to beat up, blow up, behead, or imprison. While it is true the kids have been served up a myth of the brave police and firemen who died on 9/11, when the kids have responded to this inspiration by using their rights and standing up against the real threat to the USA, the fascist creeps who have been far more damaging to the USA in the last decade than al-Qaeda could have dreamed of being, the protesters have been swatted down, ignored, and told to "grow up".

You know, just like their grandparents were told back in the 1960s. Just "grow up", meaning surrender to the Wicked Witch of the Western Way of Greed and Evil, Dorothy.

Every generation has to decide what they are going to do about the surplus of bacon in the Western diet. Mostly, if they even have brains to see the problem, they complain about it for a few young years and then have babies and do what they are told after that.

It would be good for once if the older Americans took to the streets too, to show support for their kids and grandkids, to show the porky class that their futures might not be so bright as they have depended upon. We shall see.