Grizzly bear kills human bear hunter—"horrible tragedy" alleged in Montana

Dumbass Grizzly Adams in patronizing propaganda illustration. The truth is, Adams poked his nose into bear-business once too often, and a grizzly tastefully poked a hole through Adams' skull. Later, after Adams survived Nature's corrective remedy, a curious circus monkey nibbled on Adams' still-exposed brain, and the rest is a lousy 1970s adventure show, starring Sasquatch as Adams.
As reports came out of Montana on Friday that a grizzly bear, traditionally excellent judges of human character, had scored one for Nature versus a human bear-hunter, a state park official called the killing "a horrible tragedy"—but did not specify whether he meant by this the killing of the human or the grizzly (killed by the slain hunter's partner).

Similar to the story a couple of weeks ago about a man being devoured by dogs he had kept and starved in his house, the human-dominated news media spun the Montana grizzly attack as some kind of upsetting outcome, instead of a righteous victory over the forces of primate idiocy and arrogance. The only sad part of the tale is that the grizzly did not kill both the gun nuts, and pin their heads to trees as trophies.

And yes, I know, the hunters have families—boo-hoo-hoo. So does the fucking grizzly! You don't want to end up lunch in the woods? Stop committing terrorist acts against the bear community, morons.