Grizzly Bear Attack—UPDATE!!—Or High Hopes

The misadventures of two idiots trying to kill somethin' in Nature, unfortunately resulted in the death of a grizzly bear. One of the idiots also managed to gun down his partner. Police are still trying to figure out if this was a "tragedy" or a CSI episode.
Of course—the story of the brave grizzly bear tearing apart the dimwitted hunter who shot the poor animal now has a different ending. It turns out the human "victim", Steve Stevenson, whose death was alleged a tragedy, was actually killed as his equally dimwitted hunting partner, Ty Bell, pumped shot after shot into the naturally upset bear.

While the story has changed a bit, and towards the direction of possibly more lurid implications—investigators now say they are "pretty sure" the human death was an accident, but they are continuing their investigation into other possibilities—the alleged facts still add up to a dead bear and a dead hunter.

The current "probable" narrative is that the grizzly did behave as first reported, grappling and mauling the one of the hunters who tracked the animal after it had been shot, but the man's hunting partner, apparently discounting the danger he might hit his partner instead of or in addition to the bear, delivered a shot that went through the body of the grizzly and into the chest of Stevenson, thus delivering the coup de grace to the maulee.

And all of nature then went—OOPS!!...there goes another rubber tree plant.

Now that is what hunting is really all about, brave men with guns confronting the limits of their high hopes, or the extent of Nature's high hopes. At least Bell now has a story that will top the tall tales of even the most ambitious "I tussled with Nature and whipped her ass" liars. No doubt Stevenson would feel proud to have enabled his partner in this manner—if he weren't dead and all.