Crazy is on the Menu

See, crazy really IS on the menu.
What if Robin Hood—or maybe Jesus Hood—showed up today? Would they send a plane—or a crucifixion team—anyway?

Robin Hood, if he existed today, would be moved to the FBI's most wanted list as a terrorist; he would be denounced by Nancy Grace as a cheap hood glorified by an ignorant public; he would be the subject of Fox News exposés showing he was just a spoled rich boy who liked to terrorize hard-working Americans and delighted that his crimes were exaggerated by the socialist MSM into acts of social justice.

If you want an example of just how it would play, examine the history of the SLA, a leftist terrorist organization of the 1970s that, along with kidnapping Patricia Hearst and turning her into a great iconic poster, also coerced her rich father into giving away a pile of free food to the poor.

Obviously, the USA wasn't going to allow that to go unchallenged, and those of us old enough to maybe have seen this, will recall that the murder by the LA police of the SLA leadership was televised live for the nation's consumption. It was the first time that I can recall that such an event, a police hit, was nationally broadcast.

And the reason they did that, was to remind everybody that it's fine to play little games of wealth redistribution, but if you actually manage to do it—the rich people will kill you.

Which brings us to Jesus. 

Why was Jesus killed? Technically, sedition against the Roman Empire. Or, here, let's spell it out for everybody—Jesus was counted as a terrorist leader, not any different than Osama bin Laden, by the Roman authorities. When the Bible was written, the narrative of this event was shaped to make it seem as if the Romans were bullied by crazy Jews into executing what they knew to be an innocent man. Well, it makes a good story, especially for Mel Gibson. But the historical context of the narrative suggests the Roman Empire really did find Jesus Christ a deeply threatening figure—as he would be today.

Imagine Jesus Christ addressing the United States Congress today. 

"My children, did you not read my words? Have you not considered that I meant them truly? Why do you hold dear what is and has always been the path to perdition? Why do you hold in contempt the very people who should command your love and mercy? I hear you saying Lord, Lord and I see you wearing your crosses—but I do not know you."

And the Congress, commanded by the Teabagger Bunch, would pass the Respect for the Job Creators Bill, which will make speaking ill of the rich a terrorist act, punishable by death.

Sound crazy? Well, look around, crazy is ON THE MENU!