Cheesehead Vision Thing Dims Dems' Hopes

Cheesehead vision—the holes do not
apparently make seeing or thinking
clearly any easier.
At least in Wisconsin, nobody can rightly accuse the people of having an inflated opinion of themselves. These are people, after all, who unashamedly wear plastic cheddar-cheese head extensions, and call themselves cheeseheads. It isn't like they're afraid of being made fun of, or thought daft by the people who wear fancy hats with Viking horns, and read hardcover books (in Minnesota).

So, I am not in any way attempting to pick on the voters of Wisconsin, in particular, for affirming the Tea Party hard-on the USA's redlands are still proudly stroking.

Answering a question on Facebook, "what is wrong with the people of Wisconsin", complaining about the Tuesday Dem debacle in the recalls, I replied:

The same that was wrong with them in 2010. People act like the Tea Party invaded Wisconsin from a spaceship or something. Nope, they were always there. And the people LIKED them. They WANTED them.

And they still do.

And this should be a wakeup call for Dems. They have spent a decade capitulating, kowtowing, and basically acting like the slaves of the Republican Party.

Why? Because for a decade now the Republicans, who were in charge on September 11, 2001 (but who never got blamed for being asleep at the stick), told the Dems that if they got uppity, or said something mean about the wars or anything else Republicans perpetrated, the people would KNOW Dems weren't patriotic.

And when the narrative changed to the economy, and the war hammer no longer worked, the Republicans deftly shoved the responsibility for making the global economy suck on to the Democrats. Yeah, the Republicans lost ground in 2008. That lasted until the majority racist USA woke up and realized somebody had let a black guy become president.

That's all the Republicans needed. That and the usual Democratic weak-sister nonsense.

Even Jesus knew what to do with demons. You drive them out of afflicted minds and into the sea. You don't give some lame speech about how we're still a AAA-nation that nobody believes.