Censorship on the rise globally

His eyebrows need to be a bit thicker,
and he needs the moustache, right?
On Sunday, Facebook made a mass suspension of the posting privileges of various leftwing pages, and posters (including myself).

Whether or not the suspensions were a bug in the FB system, or a plot by rightwing gremlins to disable leftwing commentary, nobody has ascertained as yet.

The extreme risk of placing all our civil and human rights in the hands of for-profit ministers, colluding with for-power governments, to shape "safe" and "positive" environments, where sheeple and their lambs can huddle and graze in sweet ignorance, is becoming more apparent every day.

In the UK, where free speech has a strong and vital tradition, PM Cameron says all that is over. Faced with intense pressure to hold something and somebody accountable for the recent riots, Cameron has laid a lot of the blame on social networks. And he intends to censor them when "emergencies" arise.

His attitude has pleased the Chinese, who of course have been pioneering what they call their "balanced" approach to freedom for a number of years now.

In the USA, we have the First Amendment, but of late that instrument of freedom has been used to protect the rights of corporations (who as you must know, are PEOPLE), to peddle products and influence. While the US government is technically limited in what it can do to shut down free speech, all it really has to do to achieve that end is to put pressure on the companies hosting the free speech to do their censorial job for them.

As the West follows the Chinese model of "regulating" speech, and shaping a common view of what speech should be tolerated, global freedom will diminish.