Camels and Needles

Jesus noted that it is easier for a camel to pass through the
eye of a needle (the small kind), than for a rich person to
get into heaven. The works and aspirations of the rich, in
other words, are naturally invested and directed away from
the works and will of God—or so Jesus tells us.
A new facebook page devoted to political discussion and promotion of social justice and equality. From my perspective, those ideas are largely ignored in American political discussion, except for lip-service expected from Democrats which is on the order of "Oh yes, the poor, mustn't forget them."

Of course, then Dems go right ahead and forget them.

Why should we care about the horrible inequality in the world, and especially in the USA? And is it even horrible or a bad thing?

Well, as the name of the page indicates, my inspiration about the answer comes from the insights of that world-class troublemaker, Jesus Christ.

In other religions or traditions, inequality is not seen as such a problem, although this is often because openly saying otherwise, in states that were built on the premise of the essential righteousness of inequality, could end the authors up quite dead.

Rich people naturally don't like that sea of envious, outraged, eyes peering at them in the night. And that isn't just their problem, but the world's. Their Congress—which they bought and paid for after all—is set up to protect them from the rest of us. Is there anything we can do about it?