America's Fascist Salute

American school children giving the fascist salute, May 1942.
So, you think the USA isn't a fascist nation, huh?

In reviewing some of Mitt Romney's claims about America, one sent me on a little search today. Romney had pointed to the supposedly classic hand over the heart salute Americans are supposed to give during the national anthem, as a demonstration of the love Americans feel for their country. Romney said this salute was suggested by Franklin Roosevelt in WWII, as a memorial salute to the fallen heroes of the war.

But, maybe there was a more pragmatic reason. What do you think?

Yep, turns out the USA already had a national salute, that was suggested by the fellow who had written the pledge of allegiance—a crapulous brainwasher inflicted on schoolkids, mainly to insure immigrant children grew up understanding what nation to goose-step to.

This American salute, which should look pretty familiar to you, was scrapped in 1942—and ONLY in 1942—when it was thought a little embarrassing by the American warlords that the American people, and their kids, would be saluting just like the Nazis they were fighting in WWII.

So, the Americans changed it, like they did sauerkraut to "liberty cabbage", to pretend it wasn't just another fascist salute of a war-loving and brutal empire. Remember that, next time you mindlessly put your hand over your heart, to salute your f├╝hrer-flag.