Why should anyone except the rich pay for the financial devastation of the rich?

A century ago, this was the normal situation for poor kids,
working themselves to death, instead of going to school
and being children. Would Republicans have any problem
bringing back this cheap labor source and other American 
traditions (like oh, slavery) to help booming businesses make 
even more obscene profits?
That was the subject of my examiner.com article today.

The fanatics, fundamentalists, and other brands of looney, who have taken over (or perfected) the Republican Party, have a simple mantra: cut taxes for the rich, and the poor can drink the last few drops dripping off the end of rich's generosity.

As John Boehner likes to say, small businesses are the jobs engine of the USA. Just make being in business profitable again, and the people who struggle to feed their kids and pay the rent can have a nice, minimum wage, job again. The problem is, business and especially corporate America and their Gringotts goblins on Wall Street, are booming. How much trickle-down has working America gotten out of it?

Oh come on, you know how capitalism works. The capitalists win—the whole economic system is named for the winners after all—and everybody else works their butts off for little or nothing. So, of course corporate America isn't hiring enough people. Why should they? Employees costs a lot of money. In fact, contrary to what John Boehner says, hiring people is the LAST thing a business wants to do.

And that is why, especially in a long-term economic downturn (at least for America's workers), government needs to intervene to encourage more employment. Republicans claim this can happen by bribing businesses with welfare (AKA tax cuts). But what really needs to happen is a longterm commitment by the US federal government to assist the most vulnerable Americans with cash assistance for all kinds of needs—rent, bills, food—and mainly assistance in helping the millions of Americans who are unemployed or underemployed get retrained to obtain decent-paying jobs.

The 2012 election is shaping up to be perhaps the most important election the USA has had since 1968—THAT was a watershed moment. Of course that election produced a catastrophic outcome, Richard M. Nixon, America's least favorite president—until George W. Bush.

Vote early, vote often, vote contra-Republican at every opportunity.