Help Save The Youth Of America

A message from the 1950s, which has not lost its validity 
for millions of  white people, in the South and elsewhere 
in the red lands of America. Now, instead of Little 
Richard, they hate Barack Obama.
Once upon a time, the white fathers and mothers of the South, organized as Citizen's Councils, and fearful that "negro music" was going to rock and roll their daughters' panties down to their ankles—you know, a little faster than those good girls would have dropped them anyway—decided to confront the problem head on.

Their mission—

Help Save The Youth 
Of America!

Their message—"If you don't want to serve negroes in your place of business, then do not have negro records on your juke box or listen to negro records on the radio."

And what exactly was the problem with doing those things?

The concerned white citizens explained:

"The screaming, idiotic words, and savage music of these [Negro] records are undermining the morals of our white youth in America."

Little Richard, constantly singing about sex, scared the
crap out of white parents, who wanted his "savage" music
boycotted by white people, to save white kids from the 
In other words, don't let the negro singers—especially not Little Richard—stick his long, black A-wop-bop-a-loo-bop-a-lop-bam-boom! in your babydoll's sweet 45rpm magnolia.

Note that by "youth of America", these despicable racist monsters (in other words, most all of the white people in the South) did not mean save the negro youth. They after all were not really counted by the racists as being "of America". And if you think that brand of bigotry is something that died out with desegregation, and racism isn't a problem (which is what racists claim), then just recall how the racists have treated Barack Obama. Hell, they even proudly acknowledge their racism, like it's a patriotic character trait.

But, let us not end on this fucking down note, you know, because there is another, salutary and ironic development in the story of saving the youth of America. And that is the chapter told by Billy Bragg, and his 1986 song entitled "Help Save the Youth of America".

The song is great, and the lyrics are greater still, and you can tell this because they are still so relevant, a quarter century after they were intended to be relevant.

Some verses:

Help save the youth of America
Help save them from themselves
Help save the sun-tanned surfer boys
And the Californian girls

A nation with their freezers full
Are dancing in their seats
While outside another nation
Is sleeping in the streets

Listen to the voice of the soldier
Down in the killing zone
Talking about the cost of living
And the price of bringing him home

They're already shipping the body bags
Down below the Rio Grande
But you can fight for democracy at home
And not in some foreign land

Guess the George Bushes never listened to Billy Bragg, huh?

Anyway, while we're domestically pulling the wings off our government, the all but forgotten soldiers down in the killing zone, are supposed to start coming home in large numbers—not all of them, but a lot of them. What do you think the cost of bringing them home will be? And you figure they'll be any money to pay it? 

We could have saved a lot of money, and a lot of lives, if we had refused to accept the coup of 2000. But the surfer boys and California girls were having too much fun, fun, fun making money, to risk something bad happening to them by standing up, waving the red flag, and saying America—FUCK NO!