The Confirmation Of Hell On Earth

The world we love to see, the people we love to be. It's been almost a century since that first, great, 20th-century lesson in world-soul destruction. For years, people whose minds were shattered forever by shock waves and shock assaults made their homes in piss-filled ditches with the rotting corpses of their fallen mates and enemies. And that was supposedly a "modern" war, replete with all the comforts and amenities of Hell. NOW, our war masters tell us—everything is so much better. The good people (the Americans) get to keep shopping and modern technology delivers Hell blisteringly quickly MAINLY to very invisible and very foreign and poor (and so negligible) people assessed and asserted (by Americans) to be bad, dangerous, and needing to be dead.
We get these confirmations every day pretty much, especially in the daily sonic and graphic discourse of the ghastly Terror Wars. But, even if you could honestly say that somehow, against every inclination the USA has to be perpetually at war, the nation was mostly at peace, the domestic confirmations of the Sulphuric Regime are bountiful.

Today, we are given a bit of toast and jam to consume at our leisure, stories of crass and gross waste in the imperial stormtroopers, combined with "news" that in Texas, black kids and others insufficiently white people are being targeted for discretionary discipline. Or in other words, Texas teachers, for some reason not specified, just end up deciding to punish black males at a rate more than double that of white females.

In the first story, we learn that over at the DOD, in fact at the Buck Rogers Institute, they have thrown (away) almost 50 billion dollars trying to modernize America's military—which is kind of funny given that nobody was accusing America's military of being behind the modern guys. After all, how modern a military do you need when you constantly go to war against people who are ignorant, illiterate peons—who nevertheless manage to keep from being beaten by the hypermodern USA imperial war machine?

If anything, maybe we should demodernize the nation's military, especially given that the 50 billion dollars resulted in NO improvements. And indeed, the conclusion of a new study is that the USA military is tossing billions of dollars about just standing still, having not made any improvement in its strength or readiness since 2001. Just remember that next time some bozo tells you war is great for technological advancements. Well, maybe we've learned how to torture and confine people in little cages a lot better than we did before. And we've learned how to ignore thousands of dead baby collaterals because—hey—we've got our own problems, dude.

Meanwhile, down in Texas, where so many evil things have brewed and bubbled forth to wreak havoc, a report by a bunch of researchers, who ripped to shreds the school and criminal records of almost 1 million Texas schoolchildren looking for important patterns, shows the unbelievable fact that Texas "disciplines" MOST of its children—meaning more than half of Texas schoolkids get at least one suspension or expulsion during their school careers.

Oh, and here's a real shocker—the most disciplined kids in school by far are Texas black males (83%). The least disciplined? Texas' lily-white girls (37%).

Some people, like you know—racists—claim this just means that the vast majority of black males are problems. After all, just look at the incarceration rate for black males in the USA they will say.

Yeah, look at it.