If it's Saturday it Must Be the End of the World—or Not

Oh no!!! No more days left...to be an idiotic true
believer! Well, you know that's not true. See, you may
wish for Apocalypse to save you, but you're not getting
off that easily.
So, another one of those guaranteed "End of the World" days is upon us—or really it has already been shown to be bullshit, which for the Rational Fringe it always was of course.

For the Lunatic Fringe, it was a case of "you know, maybe it could be true", and so a reason at least to pay attention to what was happening at 6pm in Sydney. Nobody had the poor taste to suggest we keep an eye on whatever bad news might be emanating or shaking today at 6pm from Japan (since it always seems to be rockin' around the clock there, Apocalypse or no).

Of course, as I pointed out in my examiner.com piece today, this whole production was really made for the entertainment and distraction of the vast Muddled Middle Majority, to give them one more thing to amusedly waste time on (along with Birther embers, important developments, and Angry Birds).

As we know, this Middle is much more aligned with the "open-mindedness" (or stupidity) of the Lunatic Fringe, than it is with the rueful sarcasm of the Rational Fringe. The RF party is well aware it is just a passenger on the MMM's Titanic, and that humanity's doom requires no divine intervention—it comes with the territory of natural selection, and life's brief ride.

The Muddled Middle Majority however is no fan of science, though it does love the toys the scientists enable. But when it comes to hard, thinky, things like brutally clamping down on the possibility (that today could be the End of the World), the MMM finds this mean and hurtfully dispiriting. Good people as we know are unlikely to be skeptics, especially openly so of the beliefs of others, because to express doubts, openly, of the ideas of others (while the very essence of the scientific method) is just plain rude.

And the MMM is quite convinced that nothing good could ever come of rudeness, despite the fact that left alone in their stewing cars and trucks, they are not unprepared to floor the rage pedal with great conviction.

Anyway, the world did not end today (well, not for most of us). Another group of stupid Christians is left wondering how the guarantee could have been voided, once again. This has been going on for almost 2000 years now, ever since the first Christians, who were expecting Jesus to come back really soon and kick some Roman ass, started dying off of old age, with unrequited vengeance posting them unhappily in the halls of Purgatory.

Thus was set the standard for impatience and irritability that has marked the unpleasant experience of Christianity ever since.