Golden Ratio Proves Confederate Destiny of the USA

Click to enlarge flag. Shows definitive proof of the true spirit
and destiny of the "UCSA", using the Golden Ratio.
NOTE: I was fortunate enough to find this after reading a brief discussion on Facebook, which questioned the relevance of many modern theories employing the Golden Ratio.

Dr. Ebberhardt Schmutzen, professor of Divinity at the University of Texas at Muleshoe (in Bailey County, Texas), offers apparently definitive proof of what he calls the "inherent, Confederate, spirit of the USA". 

According to Dr. Schmutzen, the United States flag was originally conceived to eventually and ideally contain exactly 50 stars, and the Republic was crafted to supply these, and in such a way that the flag would be a secret revelation of the Confederate heart at the center of the USA. 

Thus, according to Dr. Schmutzen, a renowned authority on the following verse of the revised KJV:

"I cannot stand before the bulk of thy movement, and must flee in the face of thy stench." (2nd Gandalf, 9:3)

—the Civil War, so-called, was actually a secret revolution, which took place under cover of a war between rival portions of the USA, which allowed the masters of the Republic to reform American society from the ashes up, so to speak. Installing themselves in the ruins of the Confederacy, the masters established the basis for all that has captured modern America—the root values of the Confederate States of America.

This is said by experts who have examined Dr. Schmutzen's theory to confirm not only the divine destiny of the UCSA (United Confederate States of America), but also once again demonstrates the incredible predictive and associative power of the Golden Ratio.