Worship of the US military must end

America's alleged "finest" holds up his latest trophy,
an Afghan kid the stupid American thug had just 
murdered. A LOT of Americans think the thug
should have gotten a medal for showing "them"
what happens if you fuck with America—FUCK YEAH!!
This article, published back on August 31 last year, discusses one of the greatest problems the USA now faces, the elevation of the US military to the role of inerrant warrior nobility. It is an insane, self-destructive attitude, crafted by conservatives, who hated how the USA finally and utterly lost a big war in Vietnam.

The people's disgust with the Vietnam fiasco, and with learning about how awful the US government really had become—lying to the people to get the war going and keep it going—offended the simple-minded patriotism of peabrains who learned civics watching John Wayne movies.

Eventually those B-movie sentiments got Ronald Reagan elected, and he went about reinvigorating the military—by giving it a LOT of money—and turning it back into a killing machine the nation could root for (see "Top Gun" for an example of how Hollywood collaborated on that).

Be sure and read the comments from "anonymous". He's quite upset that the First Amendment gives me the right to say mean things about thugs with guns—you know without them shooting me for it.