Sanctity of Life

Criminal executed according to the law. 
No doubt Mary Fallin would have happily 
signed the execution order.
Today on, I covered a couple of governing topics:

1. How Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey imagines himself a bigger threat in 2012 than he appears to be, even in his own state.

2. How Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma imagines herself a better Christian than she appears to be, even in her own state.

I am particularly struck by Fallin's blither-blather about the "sanctity of life", meaning the burden poor women in her state have to birth a baby—whose life then magically becomes despised as a drain on state resources. Meanwhile, Fallin just signed a bill to make killing adult human beings on death row in Oklahoma a little easier. Now the executioners won't have to wait around to get "quick-acting" drugs to poison their victims. Any old drug will do—the kindly killers were running in short supply.

What would Jesus do? Probably not be very happy with these anti-Christian Christians he's supposed to count as his own.