Rick Perry and Austin's Homeless

Irresponsible yahoo, i.e., the governor of Texas.
As noted here, Rick Perry entered the volatile debate about the real cause of Austin's wildfire on Sunday.

The fire, allegedly started by a homeless man who left his campfire smoldering while he went to get a beer, destroyed or damaged 18 homes in Oak Hill, a southwest Austin suburb.

Once the news was reported that it was a homeless man who started the blaze, the hate crew in Austin began plastering the much-despised (supposedly liberal) Austin American-Statesman with anonymous illustrations of the dearth of wits on the right side in the Texas capital.

One of the most honest expressions of the conservative point of view, and a posting the Statesman deleted from its comments pages, I suppose just because it was pure hate speech, is the following:

"The homeless and the poor are worse than Democrats. They should all be rounded up and put in camps in Utah or somewhere where we don't have to look at them. Then the world would be a much nicer, safer place to live."

Now sure, you can claim that's just some stupid troll, trying to get a rise out of silly rabbits that have a problem with fascist final solutions. But I think you all know that the majority of conservatives actually harbor those very views, even if they tell themselves it is a sign of their repression by "socialists" that they cannot openly express their opinions without being called stupid, monstrous, fuckheads.