The Republican Ethic—racist, hateful, murderous

John Thompson, yet another black
man treated like shit by the USA.
Today at we mentioned the recent Supreme Court decision, decided by the 5-4 Republican majority, to overturn a $14 million jury award to John Thompson, a man wrongly convicted by the state of Louisiana and sent to rot for years on death row.

Thompson wasn't just the victim of an inept defense, or the tendency of people to believe everybody charged is guilty. The prosecutors in Thompson's case actually withheld exculpatory evidence, with the intention of seeing him convicted and murdered by the state.

Even the Republicans on the Supreme Court called this "injustice". They just didn't feel like holding anybody accountable for it, just as they never feel like holding anybody (who is hurting poor people) accountable for anything.

Their ethic is "Do unto others viciously and profitably, and if you're caught plead national emergency or the special exemptions of the rich and powerful from being bothered by the little gnats of moral conscience."